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04 February 2011 @ 09:21 pm
Ive been alone most of the day so I tried something by wearing a diaper today and was peeing in that, but i missed the feeling of the pee running down my legs so i started peeing in my pants when i needed to. i am trying to hold on more then just peeing cause i have to. now im thinking about peeing the bed tonight. its been about a month since i have done that. my thing is i want to pee my bed when im still sleeping, most times i pee my bed i am just waking up and decide to let it go, and there was one time i woke up while peeing the bed, which i have to say i loved... now that i think about it im getting really turned on....  so how should i plan this out? make sure i have to pee when i go to sleep?
29 June 2010 @ 04:41 am
one of my favorite feelings is when im extremely horny and have to pee. even if i dont get to piss in my pants my pee hitting my clit is enough to almost send me over the edge. more times then none i rub on my clit as i piss on my hand over the toilet.

a little squirt of piss just came out landing on my panties. i love the feeling of wet panties against my clit. my hand is now down my pants and im rubbing my clit through my wet panties.

i just pushed some more piss out. omg its so warm. i'm rubbing my clit through my panties faster now.. im panting... the need to pee is getting stronger. do i stop rubbing enough to piss myself or do i finish masturbating?
02 February 2010 @ 03:49 am
 I have to pee right now. Its not so bad, but the feeling is there. I'm thinking about letting a little out while I type this. 

The little bit turned out to be a squirt but not too much. God its so warm. I'm rubbing my clit through my wet shirts. Should I let a little more out? 

Maybe another squirt wouldn't be bad as i rub myself. Another squirt, peeing on my hand as i rub my clit, making my shorts and chair warm and wet. once again not too much but was enough.

I'm so close to cumming. 

31 January 2010 @ 03:34 am
Im reading some stories about people peeing their pants and how wonderful it feels and i just peed a little in my panties. Im wearing a skirt and checked to see that only a little spot was showing. I dont want to fully piss my pants just yet. Im also rubbing my clit through my wet panties squirting out a tiny bit of piss on my fingers. It wont take long before I cum. 
30 January 2010 @ 08:57 pm
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30 January 2010 @ 03:05 am
 I decided last weekend that I wanted to go to a bar and wet my pants in front of everyone... well sorta. so i drive out of my way to some bar and start with a mixed drink. My purpose is not to get drunk but to have a drink maybe 2. Anyway I am sipping away at my drink observing the people that are there and enjoying the music. It doesn't take long before the feeling of needing to pee hits me. Its just a twinge so I'm not in going to worry about it. I order a water after I finish my first drink and look more at the people that are now filling up the bar. lots of people start dancing so i think i might try my skill on the dance floor. I dance for maybe 2 songs and the feeling of having to pee starts to get stronger but I'm still not going to worry about it. I go back to my seat and sip my water. Now the urge is getting stronger. I wiggle a little in my seat and look around if anyone is noticing. I drink more and more of my water having it fill up my already full bladder. I end up deciding that a little wetting won't hurt. So I relax some and the piss drips out slowly into my panties. I continue to pee just a little bit more as i slide my hand between my legs to see how big the wet spot is. Its big enough to satisfy myself but not enough if i stood up would anyone know. I finish my water and really think if I want to get another drink or just sit there. I end up getting another drink. The more i sip the more I have to pee. I decide its either now or never. I finish my drink and start thinking of where I was going to pee my pants. I didn't want to flood my pants while sitting in their seat so i walk around the bar. Oh its getting harder to walk now. I have to go so badly. I look at the womans restroom and there is a line. I think to myself... how perfect. It would look like i was waiting to get to the toilet but didnt make it. I think it makes it look more like an accident rather then me just pissing my pants, which i must add would equally be hot. so there is maybe 6 girls waiting for the restroom so I get to the back of the line and i'm dancing around with my hand between my legs. I'm whining and moaning. putting on a full show. I kinda look around to see if anyone is noticing. part of me is hoping they are and another part is wanting them to not notice me. I am wiggling around more and more moaning and whining a little louder when i just cant hold it any more. My heart is pounding in my chest. I let a trickle out, filling up my panties but its not enough. I then say oh god i'm going to pee my pants... i relax a little more as more hot piss starts to trickle down my leg. "fuck i'm peeing my pants" i cry out as the girl in front of me turns around and looks at me as i then relax completely and let the hot piss flood my jeans. she looks at me shocked. I say how embarrassing even though im so very turned on. one guy was following me with his eyes as i left the bar. He followed me out side and said hey dont beat your self up over it. it happens to the best of us. I turn and look at him. the look in his eyes was playful and I told him thanks. I couldnt help but notice his pants were bulging. could it be? was he turned on that i pissed myself? There was a little bit of an awkward silence and he smiled and turned to go back into the bar. I then say to him, you make it seem like its happened to you. He laughs and turns around and walks towards me and says yeah it has. I say well that makes me feel better. He smiles at me and says I couldnt help but notice you when you walked into the bar. I then watched you while you was on the dance floor. Something about you is striking. Something tells me that your little accident wasnt really an accident but was planned and I must say i find that so very hot either way. He is standing so close to me. I blush and tell him no it wasnt an accident. like a flash his mouth was on mine and he pressed his body against mine. I felt his hard cock through his pants. I am moaning as he has his hand rubbing my pussy through my wet jeans. He presses his body against mine while he kisses me even deeper. he moans deeply when i feel warmth and realize he is pissing his pants. i stoke his cock through his pants as he continues to pisses himself. he tells me he has been looking for a girl like me. once his bladder is empty he takes my hand and walks me to a suv. he unlocks it and opens the back door and has me get in. He follows me and starts to unbutton my pants. his mouth on mine he pulls off my wet pants and soaked panties. i unbutton his jeans and pull his hard cock out and stroke it. I help him take off his pants and continue to stroke his cock. He starts kissing me again as he helps me lay down. He reaches for his pants on the floor and slips on a condom in what seems like a matter of seconds. he starts cupping my breasts as he moves his hips closer to mine and thrusts his cock deep inside my pussy. I cry out as he pumps harder and harder inside of me. I am moaning so loudly when he starts rubbing my clit. It doesnt take me long before I cum and seconds later he does too. we are breathing heavy and sweating when he pulls out. I get dressed, which isnt easy seeing how my jeans are still wet and i admit i dont like staying in cold wet cloths, and I tell him that was beyond amazing. We have a moment of awkwardness and introduce ourselves and even exchange numbers. I tell him I have to go and he kisses me sweetly and I get out, walk to my car, and drive home with my head dizzy and completely on cloud 9 
23 July 2008 @ 11:31 pm

This is a fantasy...
So this afternoon I was sitting at home alone reading some really hot posts and started getting really turned on. I started thinking about some of the things people posted about and how turned on I was and the need to pee just kicked in. I was sitting in my chair with my hand down my pants mindlessly rubbing on my clit and the urge to pee kept getting stronger. It felt so good rubbing my clit knowing it makes me have to pee that much harder that I didn't want to get up. I then feel a rush of warmth on my hand and start rubbing faster. I loved watching the wet spot get bigger as I started pissing my pants. As I am sitting there pissing my pants and my DH walks in the door. I am so shocked to see his immediate erection at what he is seeing. He tells me how he never knew I enjoyed peeing my pants. he then walks over to me and presses my hand against his pants and I feel his hot piss against my hand. I am so beyond turned on that I almost cum. He stops enough to sit down in the chair I was sitting in telling me to sit on his lap. As soon as I sit down I start pissing so hard. He puts a hand between my legs and starts rubbing my swollen, sensitive clit through my pants as I empty my bladder on him. I feel him get harder and start pissing on me as I sit there with him still rubbing my clit through my drenched pants. He puts his hand in my pants and starts fingering me until he hits my G spot which makes me piss all over again. I take off my pants and he does the same. I have him sit down so I can ride him until he cums.

09 July 2008 @ 04:06 am
it has been a long time since i have been on this site. Well here is a few stories for y'all. I was sitting at my computer being really involved in whatever I was doing...I think playing a game...and really had to pee. I was dancing in my seat, holding myself with my hand between my legs, squeezing my legs tighter and tighter and thought about getting up and going to the bathroom but i was so involved in my game. I figure I could hold it some more. Just to let everyone know what I had on (i think it kinda matters) I was in a pink plaid baby doll top and light pink capris. I also had on so really cute girly undies on under it all that said "keep it green"  with the planet on the back. So I am trying my best to keep my mind off the fact that i had to pee when it starts coming out slowly. I put my had between my legs to see if my paints were wet yet and they were just starting to. so i am trying to stop the pee which it does for a little bit then a little more rushes out. I once again feel to see how bad the wet spot was. Getting bigger.This time I can't hold it back and more pee escapes ever so slowly. I keep trying to hold it but no use. A little puddle starts to form under my computer seat. At this point I figure what is the point of holding it anymore. I relaxed my muscles and hot piss explodes out of me. I look down at my lap and see the piss filling my pants and watch it fall to the floor making a huge puddle. It seems like I was peeing for several minutes. I sat there for a bit after my bladder was empty until i cleaned up the mess.

The other night I peed the bed. I will never again drink a huge soda before going to bed. my sheets were so soaked. I woke up as i started peeing. I was still half asleep and the more i woke up the more i was pissing on myself. I got really turned on looking down at my piss soaked pj's that i slid my had down my pants while i was pissing and started masturbating. Wow it was so hot!

I was at the new wal-mart yesterday late evening doing some shopping when the urge to pee hit me fast and hard. Each step I took made piss slowly escape filling my panties. Before you knew it my pants had a wet spot. I am trying hard to hold it in but am so very turned on because it is the first time in public i am peeing my pants. The more I walk the more I pee. I decide i better try and make it outside so they dont have a mess to clean up. I can tell people can see the wet spot growing larger the more I walk. By the time I reach the door piss was running down my legs. I continue to walk to my truck as more and more piss falls down my legs. I get to my truck and let the rest of the hot piss fall down my legs before getting in my truck and driving home.

About a month or so ago I was driving in my truck and had to pee. I did not try to hold it or stop somewhere and use the restroom. I just sat there and pissed my pants. The clean up was a bitch though but it was so very worth it.
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03 August 2007 @ 03:25 am

i woke up yesterday and this morning so very close to pissing my bed. yesterday i held it so i can put on my jeans and make a short movie of me peeing my jeans. i then took a pic or two. this morning i kinda peed the bed a little, hardly at all but still was a small wet spot. when i got out of bed the pee came rushing out. i didnt get to take pics of this though. i have tried to upload my movies on myspace, tiny pic, and even you tube and i cant get them to upload. i have a few movies of me peeing my pants in front of my computer for my webcam. the space is limited in my room so there isnt much showing in the movies but me peeing my pants. thats about all i have for the moment. later everyone. happy peeing

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01 August 2007 @ 01:51 am
I have always enjoyed peeing in my pants and i remember peeing the bed up until i was 12 or 13, granted i still do it when i feel the need to, but still. I remember one time when i was in high school i was coming home from school and didnt have a chance to use the bathroom before i got on the bus. it was raining really hard outside, so the sound of water falling made me have to pee more. the bus would hit a few bumps and a little pee would trickle out each time. my panties were really starting to get wet. i had on my fav baggy black pants so the spot wouldnt be that noticeable. well i finally get to my stop and when i stand up a little more pee squirts out. i'm trying my best to not pee on the bus. more slowly came out while i was going down the stairs. i crossed the street to my house and because it was raining so hard i was already drenched except between my legs by the time i got to the door. there was something about the way my shirt and pants were clinging to my body that i got really turned on, not to mention that i kinda peed my pants a little on the bus (always a turn on to pee my pants) but still had to really go. i could feel my nipples getting harder as my shirt got more wet from the rain. i then decided to slid my hand down my pants and play with my clit. wow it was so sensitive that each time i moved my finger over it a little more pee would squirt out. it got to the point that i couldn't hold it anymore and let it all go while still slightly rubbing my clit. the feeling of my warm pee running down my legs and on my hand felt better than any orgasm i have had in the past. i peed for what seem like forever and was really relieved to let the pressure off my bladder. i stopped playing with myself and stood in the pouring rain while i finished peeing. i was now completely soaked from head to toe. it was one of my best peeing moment.
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