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04 February 2011 @ 09:21 pm
peeing kinda day  
Ive been alone most of the day so I tried something by wearing a diaper today and was peeing in that, but i missed the feeling of the pee running down my legs so i started peeing in my pants when i needed to. i am trying to hold on more then just peeing cause i have to. now im thinking about peeing the bed tonight. its been about a month since i have done that. my thing is i want to pee my bed when im still sleeping, most times i pee my bed i am just waking up and decide to let it go, and there was one time i woke up while peeing the bed, which i have to say i loved... now that i think about it im getting really turned on....  so how should i plan this out? make sure i have to pee when i go to sleep?